General Elementary English Test 85

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. But then there are those who are never happy unless they have a problem to ________ .


2. Andrew Smodley is a natural worrier. It is something he has ________ from his father the king of all worriers.


3. Andrew worried about the weather, the state of the pound, his health, the cost of ________ and once he even worried because he thought he wasn’t worrying enough.


4. But that was in the past. Things have changed because something happened to him exactly two years ________ .


5. I apologise for the simplicity of these ________ but I want to illustrate the unimaginative nature which Andrew possesses.


6. He simply thinks to himself: I live in a small village by a little stream and ________ this time of year lots of creatures start to wake up and make a lot of noise.


7. Now Andrew doesn’t have a romantic ________ . He never looks up at the leaves starting to grow, sighs and says: ‘Ah, here comes the spring!’


8. Towards the end of this story I give examples to show the extent of the change he ________ .


9. In London, which ________ on the river Thames, people make a lot of noise all the time.


10. It was in the spring when leaves appear on trees and nature prepares herself for renewal. Other things happen too people ________ in love.


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