General English Test 21

General English Questions and Answers

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1. If you are self-employed, it is your responsibility to ________ how much tax you should legally pay.


2. You can elect, if you want, to transfer your tax free allowance to your ________ .


3. Before you can claim any money back on overpayment of tax, you have to ________ an application form.


4. Under the current legislation if you are late in paying your taxes, then you have to face a financial ________ .


5. He is in a terrible rush to complete his tax returns by Tuesday otherwise he won’t be able to reach the ________ .


6. Until it’s clearly established which tax group you are in, your employer will be asked to ________ a certain amount of your pay.


7. I had a letter from the office of the Collector of Taxes telling me that I had to pay back all the money I ________ over the last 3 years.


8. There have been so many queries about his tax situation that there is now a huge ________ containing the details in the office.


9. It doesn’t happen very often but I actually got some money from the tax office and with the ________ I’m going to treat myself.


10. The arrangement they have is that all the money that has to be paid in tax out of their earnings comes from their ________ account.


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