General English Test 35

General English Questions and Answers

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1. The trouble with her is that she always exaggerates and ________ an issue out of everything.


2. The value of one of the early copies of that book can be considerable if it happens to be a ________ issue.


3. It was a family that had had a long history but it came to a halt when George went because he died ________ issue.


4. We panicked when we got near the house because we could see smoke issuing ________ the top bedroom window.


5. Turn on the television and look at the current news programme and you will find everyone discussing the ________ issue of the day.


6. The police are very keen to talk to one particular man and have issued a ________ of him.


7. As far as I’m concerned his explanation was useless as it merely ________ the issue.


8. I agree in general with what you have said but I’m not happy about one point and I must ________ issue with you over that.


9. I wish we could stick to the subject and just consider the topic ________ issue.


10. All the reporters of the war were issued ________ bulletproof jackets to give them better protection.


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