General English Test 37

General English Questions and Answers

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1. Some of the longest serving staff actually looked ________ to coming into work.


2. At the first series of interviews the question was whether to appoint a newcomer or ________ a current employee.


3. The decision was finally taken that appointments should be based purely and simply on ________ .


4. It soon became apparent that under the new management people were also starting to ________ some of their free time to the company.


5. In the very beginning she had a meeting with all the staff, which turned out to be extremely ________ .


6. The boss was appointed in the hope that she would be able to ________ results.


7. Employees were beginning to receive ________ for the hard work that they had been doing.


8. Although many people wanted to remain ________ to her predecessor, they soon started to respect her style of managment.


9. At the end of her first year it was ________ to everyone that as the new boss she had been totally accepted.


10. There was a new spirit in the company and for the first time in ages staff at last felt they were being ________ .


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