My plane leaves ________

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  • Most Powerful Bikes

    Yamaha R1

    Next year looks to be a good one for superbikes, right? The new R1 has undergone one of the biggest revamps seen by any topoftheline sports bike for ages. Its got a new crossplane engine which makes a claimed 200hp and weighs only 199kg wet. Thats 18hp more and 7kg less than the current model. Or, in other words, a 1hp/kg powertoweight ratio, one of the best available in any bike on the market. It has just about every electronic rider aid you could ever want and comes fitted as standard with a titanium exhaust, aluminium tank and cast magnesium wheels. If those features dont impress you then theres always the higherspec R1M, a limitededition variant with electronic ?hlins suspension, a datalogging system with integrated GPS, and the capability to upload new settings from a mobile phone or connect wirelessly to a tablet. Shove that in your supercharger and smoke it, H2.

    Chourishi Systems