General English Test 65

General English Questions and Answers

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1. Don’t worry we’ll have to wait a little longer because I’m sure he’ll ________ soon.


2. The time has now come when it will be necessary to ________ making a plan.


3. It’s easy to see from the way the garden is looking that winter has ________ .


4. Last week I ________ that book you wanted in a small shop.


5. I need to find some kind of chemical that will ________ the weeds in the garden.


6. What you have to do is to ________ a new idea that will enable us to make a lot of money.


7. You need not worry that you’ll be left on your own because I’ll always ________ you.


8. When spring comes, people often feel inclined to ________ their houses.


9. You can tell by the way she talks and behaves that she ________ her mother.


10. If you want to join that club, you have to ________ a form and send it to your secretary.


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