General English Test 7

General English Questions and Answers

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1. As I was a stranger in that country I was not ________ with some of their customs and didn’t understand why people were laughing at me.


2. You can have that car in any colour you want in fact you have a ________ of 24 different ones.


3. As the hospital had been careless with its hygiene procedures, the patient found she had been ________ with a harmful virus.


4. I am very pleased to be working with you because I think the same way and ________ with your policies.


5. There is a new company regulation to remove the danger of passive smoking, which ________ all employees from smoking at their place of work.


6. He finds breathing very difficult in restricted spaces as he ________ from asthma.


7. It doesn’t matter what position you hold in society everyone is ________ to the same laws.


8. Thanks to the crash barrier in the middle of the motorway cars are ________ from hitting those on the other side in the event of an accident.


9. As a ________ of the district she had absolutely no difficulty in understanding the local dialect.


10. The theatre was ________ to display in the entrance some of the excellent newspaper reviews the play had received.


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