General Knowledge 6

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. Which of the following African Country was formerly known as Nyasaland?


2. Which among the following countries is known as oldest recorded sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world?


3. Joseph Goebbels was an ardent follower and a minister of propaganda of whom among the following ?


4. Who among the following was chairman of Union Carbide when Bhopal tragedy occurred on 3 December 1984?


5. Which among the following is NOT a pillar of Basel II CRAR?


6. what is the normal temperature of human being on Kelvin scale? (RRB Allahabad 2009)


7. Which of the following city of Punjab was known as Ramdaspur?


8. During British Era, East India Company had established botanical gardens at 4 locations as centers for improving botanical knowledge and experimentation under the local Governments . Which among the following is not among them ?


9. How much amount has been earmarked for Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojana in the Union Budget 2010-11?


10. Among the following personalities was awarded CNN-IBN Indian Of The Year Award in December 2009?


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