S1: If you want to do well in your examinations you need to be able to think for yourself which means not just following the guide - books but write what you think yourself.
S6: If however you turn these ideas over in our mind accepting those which you agree with and fitting them into your stock of knowledge and rejecting the others you may get somewhere.

P: That will not help much.
Q: Few if any students do this.
R: By discussing things with other students, with your teachers, and with any intelligent people you meet you will find you can pick up a lot of new ideas but it'is no good first accepting these ideas, swallowing them undigested and then repeating them in the examinatioh.
S: At first you will find it difficult but if you go on trying you will find clear independent thought becomes easier.

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    Rambutan benefits not only from the fruit

    Rambutan benefits not only from the fruit, but also from various other elements such as fruit peel, bark, and leaves. Fruit skins can be used to cure dysentery and fevers. While the bark can be used to cure canker sores, rambutan leaf to treat diarrhea. rambutans only grow in tropical regions such as Hawaii, Puerto Rica, Costa Rica, Panama, and Southeast Asia, many Asian markets and even some large grocery stores in North America and the UK sell these nutritional powerhouse fruits.

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