GK Commerce & Industries 7

General Knowledge – Commerce & Industries and Marketing

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1. A labour intensive industry is one that—


2. According to the latest statistics released by WTO, which rank India has acquired in exports of commercial Services?


3. A firm is in equilibrium when its—


4. Select the one which is not the responsibility of Gram Sabha under the Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005


5. Invisible export means export of—


6. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) was earlier known as—


7. Dabhol Power Project had been restarted on November 1, 2006 after a gap of about-


8. In the law of demand, the statement ‘other things remain constant’ means—


9. Which among the following targets for 11th Plan (2007-12) is incorrect?


10. Special Economic Zones are being set up in—


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