Homonyms Test 1

Homonyms – Vocabulary Questions and Answers.

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1. She served a lemon and a fruit ________ as the picnic beverage.


2. Thank you for coming to my ________. I really needed your help.


3. My father is the ________ to the company


4. She began to ________ during the winter and by spring she died.


5. She vanished into thin ________.


6. What do you get if you ________ two plus two?


7. He took out an ________ in the newspaper to look for a room mate.


8. I need to put some ________ in my bicycle tire.


9. When I have a choice, I prefer lager to ________ or stout beer.


10. A person who receives property from the estate of a person who has died is called an ________.


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