Test # 113

If number n is a multiple of 3 then 49

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Idiom of the Day

crocodile tears
a show of sorrow that is not real
The man said that he was very sorry but his tears were only crocodile tears.
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    Mewtwo is, without doubt, one of the best Pokemon ever. Mewtwo was indeed the final challenge. Post the Elite Four, all trainers had but one grueling focus to make it to the final confrontation. It is well known that Mewtwo did not have any equal amongst originals. It was mostly tormented as a clone a copy of the original Mew. It was never recognized as an individual being but only as a copy (lonely one) of a greater being. This Pokemon s amazing power can only be surpassed by the wisdom that it has and nothing else. Mewtwo surely belongs here.

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