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If number n is a multiple of 3 then 49

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Idiom of the Day

in the line of duty
done as part of a job
The police officer was killed in the line of duty during a bank robbery.
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  • Childrens Day Celebration

    Children Day SMS

    Children Day is celebrated on 14th November every year in india.The day marks the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, india first Prime Minister.The day not only commemorates the importance of children in society, but also pays a tribute to Pt.Nehru and his immense love for children.Various cultural programs and events are organized in schools throughout the country.Different competitions, such as quizzes, fancy dress competitions, painting, elocutions, debates and others are held on this day.The day remembers Jawaharlal Nehru mission of longing the development of the children across the world.Children Day gives every one an opportunity to cherish the buoyant free spirit of childhood and rekindle the child in them.Sending messages is one of the most common activities practiced on the occasion of Children Day.

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