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If x

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Idiom of the Day

none of (someone's) beeswax
to be of no concern to someone
My relationship with my friend is none of my supervisor's beeswax.
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    Lathyrus Tingitanus

    The Tangier Pea, a native of Morocco, cannot boast the agreeable scent, or variety of colours of the sweet Pea, nor does it continue so long in flower, nevertheless there is a richness in the colour of its blossoms, which entitles it to a place in the gardens of the curious, in which it is usually sown in the spring, with other hardy annuals.It flowers in June and July.The best mode of propagating it, is to, sow the seeds on the borders in patches, where the plants are to remain, thinning them when they come up, so as to leave only two or three together.

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