IQ Quiz 46

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. A bag of chicken feed will feed 18 chickens for 54 days. How many days will it feed 12 chickens?


2. Snow is accumulating f feet/min. How much snow will accumulate in h hours if it continues falling at the same rate?


3. Joan can wire x radios in ¾ minute. At this rate, how many radios can she wire in ¾ of an hour?


4. The wey of Scotland is equivalent to 40 bushels. How many weys are there in 4 bushels?


5. The Japanese ken is equivalent to 5.97 feet. How many feet are there in 59.7 ken?


6. A diagram of a plane drawn to the scale of 0.5 inch equals 80 feet. If the length of the diagram is 4.5 inches, the actual length of the plane is


7. If a light flashes every 6 seconds, how many times will it flash in ¾ of an hour?


8. If the cost of 500 articles is d dollars, how many of these. articles can be bought for x dollars?


9. It takes h hours to mow a lawn. What part of the lawn is mowed in 1 hour?


10. An Erlenmeyer flask can hold 0.6 liter. How many flasks are needed to hold 3.6 liters?


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