IQ Quiz 70

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. If 6 cats kill 6 rats in 6 minutes, how many cats will be needed to kill 100 rats in 50 minutes?


2. Find the missing letter : J _ M A M J


3. If / means +, – means /, X means – and + means X, then ((36 X 4) – 8 X 4 )/(4 + 8 X 2 + 16 / 1 ) = ?


4. P is the brother of Q and R. S is R’s mother. T is P’s father. Which of the following statements cannot be definitely true?


5. Choose the number which is different from others.


6. ‘A’ can do a piece of work in 20 days. ‘B’ in 15 days and ‘C’ in 12 days. In how many days can ‘A’ finish the work if he is assisted by ‘B’ on one day and ‘C’ on the next, alternately?


7. A party consists of grandmother, father, mother, four sons and their wives and one son and two daughters to each of the sons. How many females are there in all?


8. Snow starts falling before 12 and snow plow travels 1 mile in the 1st hour and 0.5 mile in the 2nd hour. What time did the snow start falling?


9. Is it possible to stand behind another person while he is standing behind you?


10. The ratio between a two-digit number and sum of the digits of that number is 4:1. If digit in the unit place is 3 more than the digit in the ten’s place, what is that number?


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