IQ Quiz 72

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. A dresser drawer contains 15 garments. If 40% of those garments are blouses, how many are not blouses?


2. In 1967, a new boat cost $2500. In 1992 it costs $4800. The boat’s cost increased by what percent between 1967 and 1992?


3. If 16 workers can finish a job in 3 hrs, how long should it take 5 workers to finish the same job?


4. If the length of each of the sides of three square garden plots is increased by 50%, by what percent is the sum of the areas of the three plots increased?


5. X, Y and Z join a running race. The distance is 1500 meters. X beats Y by 30 meters and Z by 100 meters. By how much could Y beat Z over the full distance if they both ran as before?


6. It costs $1000 to make the first thousand copies of a book and x dollars to make each subsequent copy. If the cost to make first 1000 copies us $7,230, what is x?


7. A farmer built a fence around his 17 cows, in a square shaped region. He used 27 fence poles on each side of the square. How many poles did he need together?


8. We have two dice, one red and one black. In how many different ways can they be arranged?


9. If a house which costs $C in 1989, was sold 3 years later for 25% more than its buy cost. what was the profit?


10. Today was X’s birthday. She turned 24. X is twice as old as Y was when X was as old as Y now. How old is Y now?


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