PMP Sample Test 31

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1. Which of the following is not true about the relationship between the activity definition processes and the WBS?


2. Which of the following is usually not considered a goal of portfolio management?


3. Doing activities in parallel that would normally be done sequentially in order to achieve project objectives or to deal with resource allocation problems is called


4. All of the following are true concerning the product description except A. B. C. D.


5. Which of the following inputs to contract administration is not based on the seller’s work deliverables?


6. Any numbering system that is used to monitor project costs by category such as labor, supplies, or materials, for example, is called:


7. A person who is involved in or may be affected by the activities or anyone who has something to gain or lose by the activity of the project is called a:


8. During the full life cycle of the project, a plot of the project’s expected expenditures will usually follow a characteristic ‘‘S” shape. This indicates that:


9. A group of related projects that are managed in a coordinated way that usually include an element of ongoing activity is called a:


10. Decomposing the major deliverables into smaller, more manageable components to provide better control is called:


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