PMP Sample Test 6

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1. You are the project manager at a software company developing the next-gen OODBMS (Object Oriented Data Base Management System). You are in the process of developing project schedule using CPM (Critical Path Method). One of the disadvantages of CPM is that it does NOT consider resource availability. In fact, you’ve quickly identified that one of your key engineers, Michael, is over allocated. Which of the following statements are true?


2. Reserve analysis is a tool/ technique in all of the following processes EXCEPT:


3. Which of the following statements are FALSE?


4. With respect to management planning, timing defines how often risk management process should be performed throughout the project lifecycle. Which of the following is the key factor affects timing?


5. You are in the process of developing an approved project schedule that will serve baseline against which the project can be tracked. All of the following can be following are required as part of schedule development EXCEPT:


6. Probability-impact matrix, risk data quality assessment, risk categorization, and risk urgency assessment are tool/ techniques of which process?


7. All of the following should be included in the initial staffing management plan as part of human resource planning EXCEPT:


8. You are a project manager at day-old donuts, a rapidly growing franchise selling premium donuts at a discount. Currently your company is planning for opening new stores throughout the United States. You have been asked to open a store in Manhattan, New York. Construction on a new store is about to begin.
You have determined the dependencies between activities on a project. One of the activity dependencies is that the trusses on the building must be installed prior to the installation of the roofing. Which of the following is true?


9. You have been recently assigned to provide an accurate project schedule for a large construction company. You are evaluating the network diagrams for the construction project, and are using backward pass calculations to construct the schedule.
You are trying to calculate the latest start time for laying the foundation of building. The expected duration for this task is 120 days. The task must be completed within 300 days, while the expected completion is between 220 days. The latest finish date is 290 days. Based on this information, what is the latest start time of this task?


10. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding analogous estimating techniques?


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