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1. You are a project manager at a biotech company, where you are leading a cross functional team to develop a treatment for diabetes. The organization has a weak matrix structure, where al of your team members report to different functional managers and none of the team member report to you directly. Your project has extremely high visibility in the company, and there is a lot of pressure on you to deliver on time and within budget. However, you are concerned whether you will have the necessary authority and power to complete the project deliverables. Which of the following types of powers will be MOST effective in your situation?


2. Which of the following statements are true regarding quality planning and perform quality assurance?


3. All of the following knowledge area process do NOT have processes in the Executing process group EXCEPT:


4. You are a project manager for the manufacture of children’s toys. Your project team is in the process of designing a new children toy for New Year Christmas season.
With the rapidly approaching deadline, your team members are frequently arguing with each other, even if they agree on some real issues. Within, your team there is a strong resistance to quality approaches and resistance to new tasks. Which of the following stages of develop project team best describes your team?


5. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding Herzberg’s Hygiene Theory?


6. Which of the following best describes the expectancy theory of motivation?


7. You have been recently hired to be a project manager at a bio-tech company to develop anew drug for the treatment for diabetes. George is your chief scientist. Over the past few years, George has helped the company develop various patents and technologies with regard to treating diabetes. To say the least, George is critical to company’s success.
Lately, George has been demanding a 50% increase in his salary. He is threatening to leave the company if he does not receive a salary increase. Which type of power is George yielding in order to get his pay increase?


8. Which of the following process involves making needed information available to project stakeholders in a timely manner?


9. Which of the following techniques may be used on a project to resolve conflicts?


10. Consider the project integration management knowledge area. Which of the following process are NOT included?


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