Quantitative Aptitude Test 33

Quantitative Aptitude

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1. If log103 = 0.4771 and log107 = 0.8451, then the value of log10(23 1/3 ) is equal to:


2. The value of J between 0° and 360° satisfying sinJ = 1/2 and tanJ = -1/Ö3 is equal to:


3. A flexible rod A held vertically with its end A on the ground, is bent at a point C lying at a distance of 4 m from A. Its end B, then touches the ground at a distance of 3 m from A. The length of the rod is:


4. Three persons walking around a circular track complete their respective single revolution in 15 1/6 seconds, 16 1/4 seconds and 18 2 seconds respectively. They will be again together at the common starting point after an hour and


5. The G.C.D. of the numbers 595 and 252 is equal to:


6. A nine digit number in which zero does not appear and no digits are repeated has the following properties:
The number comprising the leftmost two digits is divisible by 2, that comprising the leftmost three digits is divisible by 3, and so on. The number is:


7. The value of 2log105 + log108 – (1/2)log104 is equal to:


8. The value of logba ´ logcb ´ logac is equal to:


9. If sinJ = b/a, then is equal to :


10. The value of ( logaX/logabX )logab is equal to:


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