Vocabulary Sentence Completion 11

Vocabulary Examination – Sentence Completion
These tests improve your vocabulary, ability to follow the internal logic of sentences and elimination skill process.

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1. Adam read the employee manual so that he might ________ himself with his new responsibilities at the company.


2. Kendrick’s talent ________ under the tutelage of Anya Kowalonek, who as a young woman had been the most accomplished pianist in her native Lithuania.


3. Since Shane won the lottery, he has been living a life of ________ luxury, buying whatever he desires and traveling around the world in his 100-foot yacht as he is waited on hand and foot by a bevy of butlers, cooks, and maids.


4. Christopher hired a tree-trimming crew to cut the ________ branches of the pine tree that were scraping the side of his house.


5. To prove your theory, you need to design an experiment that will provide ________ evidence.


6. Recovering from the tragedy, Helena found the ________ sunrise reassuring, as it gave her something to rely on each and every morning.


7. Since she had not exercised in five years, Margarita attempt to jog five miles on her first day of cardio-training was a little ________.


8. Although she was a successful professional, Debra’s inability to accurately complete her taxes made her feel a bit ________.


9. Ralph plays golf every chance he gets; even a weeklong golfing vacation could not ________ his appetite for the game.


10. Flaws in Claire’s opponent’s chess game showed him to be ________, and Claire knew her victory was assured.


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