Vocabulary Sentence Completion 36

Vocabulary Examination – Sentence Completion
These tests improve your vocabulary, ability to follow the internal logic of sentences and elimination skill process.

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1. Observing his sister’s ________ behavior of riding without a helmet, Jorge ran to get his mother.


2. Ariana was outstanding as the moderator; she handled the intensely heated debate with great ________, diplomatically and tactfully keeping the conversation fair and on track.


3. The ________ rumors did a great deal of damage even though they turned out to be false.


4. The castaway’s hut was ________ by the natives curious to see who the intruder was upon their island.


5. Steven is always ________ about showing up for work because he feels that tardiness is a sign of irresponsibility.


6. The meticulous art student arranged her paint colors by a darkening ________ on her palette.


7. The postcard advertised a free cruise to anyone who bought a magazine subscription, but after reading the fine print Sasha found the cruise was just a ________.


8. The ________ man with amnesia was unable to recognize where he was.


9. ________ on a lounge chair by the pool was the very tan owner of the estate, relaxing in the midday sunshine.


10. The judge dismissed the extraneous evidence because it was not ________ to the trial.


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