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When it comes to English grammar, verbs have five distinctive characteristics: mood, tense, person, and voice. Voice is one of the most significant aspects of English Grammar. The two grammatical voices are active and passive. In practice, we prefer active voice in sentences.

Active Voice
When we use active voice in a sentence, we have a subject acting on the verb. In other words, the subject is speaking actively. This is an example of active voice. Sentences in the active voice are clear and concise.

The dog painted the wall.

Passive Voice
Conversely, a statement is in the passive voice when the verb acts on the subject. The passive voice is frequently constructed using a mixed form of 'to be' plus the verb's past participle. This usually results in the introduction of a preposition. That sounds much more complicated than it is-a passive voice is fairly easy to identify. Passive speech is more delicate and weaker than active voice. You ought to employ a passive voice when you want to emphasize the object.

The wall was painted by the dog.

This article provides you with active and passive voice exercises to help you understand how they work.

Active and passive exercises are those exercises that either deal with the identification of the voices or changing active into passive voice or vice versa.

To change a sentence in the passive voice to active voice, one must know the tense of the verb. Once students understand the tense of the verb, it becomes easy for them to convert. First, we interchange the subject and object of the sentence and remove the 'by' from the sentence. The verb in the sentence is also changed accordingly.

Examples :

active voice
passive voice
The dog chased the cat.
The cat was chased by the dog.
The dog bit the boy.
The boy was bitten by the dog.
The peon rang the bell.
The bell was rung by the peon.
Ram played hockey.
Hockey was played by Ram.
Miss Mary teaches us English.
English is taught to us by Miss Mary.
Raj caught the ball.
The ball was caught by Raj.
Children like sweets.
Sweets are liked by children.
Rita will take a photograph.
A photograph will be taken by Rita.
Who taught you this poem?
By whom were you taught this poem?
The police arrested the smuggler.
The smuggler was arrested by the police.
Shiva was flying a kite.
A kite was being flown by Shiva.
The hunter shot the deer.
The deer was shot by the hunter.
The lion attacked the zebra.
The zebra was attacked by the lion.
Virat threw the ball.
The ball was thrown by Virat.
Everyone loves Zara.
Zara is loved by everyone.
My sister has drawn this portrait.
This portrait has been drawn by my sister.
The people were helping the wounded woman.
The wounded woman was being helped by the people.
Sam had taken the medicines.
The medicines had been taken by Sam.
The player is taking extra time.
Extra time is being taken by the player.
The cat ate the fish.
The fish was eaten by the cat.
The puppy licked the bowl .
The bowl was licked by the puppy .
The insect bit the little girl .
The little girl was bitten by the insect .
The Boss played cricket .
Cricket was played by the boss .
Mr. Shyam teaches French .
French is taught by Mr. Shyam .
Seema draws the sketch .
The sketch is drawn by Seema .
They revamped the hotel .
The hotel was revamped by them .
The student is studying the course .
The course is being studied by students .
Father baked the cookies on the weekend .
The cookies were baked on the weekend by Father .
Have you completed your assignment ?
Has the assignment been completed by you ?
She has mastered the subject of design .
The subject of design has been mastered by her .
Kitty ate the mouse yesterday .
The mouse was eaten by the kitty yesterday .
She opened the door .
The door was opened by her .
Shalu is washing the utensils .
The utensils are being washed by Shalu .
Divya is buying a new phone .
A new phone is being bought by Divya .
Dia is planning the party .
Party is being planned by Dia .
Everyone likes sweets .
Sweets are being liked by everyone .
Veena threw the jacket .
The jacket was thrown by Veena .
Ram had taken the books .
The books had been taken by Ram .
I did not scold her .
She was not scolded by me .
The cops caught the thief .
The thief was caught by the cops .

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