1. Interviewing applicants for an important job can be a very time ________ process but it's worth it in the end.

2. A university education is of course important but it is essential that all employees undergo a period of intensive ________ .

3. Before the product is put on the market, the company must ________ whether it complies with safety standards.

4. If for any reason customers do not like the item they have bought, they always ________ and get a refund.

5. Part of the ongoing training is to ensure that a regular time and place are ________ for department heads to meet their staff.

6. Before these articles leave the factory to be forwarded to the retailer, each one is thoroughly ________ .

7. The great thing about this particular material is that however much you screw it up, it never ________ .

8. When you are interviewing someone, it is obviously necessary to ask questions relevant to their job experience but discussing someone's other ________ is also useful.

9. Since 1993 or if you like within the last ________ there have been many products that have failed because of poor marketing.

10. As soon as the ________ arrive, it will be your job to show them round the work place and give them a general history of the company for which they want to work.

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    If you feel that you may have made a mistake during the test, dont allow this to play on your mind as very quickly faults can multiply.Dont be tempted to try to have a look at the examiners sheet, keep your eyes on the road and your focus on the task in hand. Most mistakes are not as serious as you think; remember, you are allowed 15 driving faults and can still be successful.

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