1. The present finance minister has adopted a very ________ approach towards change and always follows a very cautious policy.

2. The bank clerk at the counter did not know the customer and in view of the large amount of money involved was naturally ________ about paying out the sum on the cheque.

3. I'm afraid this cheque will be of no value until you have put your ________ on it.

4. There is one date you mustn't forget and that's the ________ for sending in details of your earnings to the tax office.

5. Before they could borrow a large sum of money to buy the house, they had to make sure they had enough money to be able to make a ________ payment.

6. I strongly recommend investing in these shares because you will get a very good ________ after only a few years.

7. If you are self-employed, you must make sure that you ________ the form indicating how much you have earned.

8. It was considered a very good time to apply for a ________ to buy the house because interest rates were very low.

9. The representative of the financial consultants assured her that the policy of the firm was that of complete ________ .

10. You can decide, if you so wish, to ________ your right to take your pension at an earlier date.

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