1. I wouldn't call this a bad mistake, it is simply a ________ of the pen.

2. I haven't done this and you are making a terrible ________ in suspecting me.

3. They told me to go because I was said to be ________ to requirements.

4. This is private property and we are not supposed to go beyond this point because they will prosecute us as ________ .

5. This is a new store and there are cameras all over the place to watch for ________ .

6. Jacqueline is a good secretary but lately she often makes ________ in such simple things as typing and uploading information.

7. She is thinking of blocking up the bedroom window because ________ have got into the house through it a couple of times so far.

8. Andrew Higgins kept a close watch on the platform from which Henry was making his speech, while several plainclothes policemen ________ inconspicuously with the crowd.

9. I shan't be working tomorrow because I've just been given the ________ .

10. The accountant of the bank turned out to be one of the masked ________ who rushed armed into the building and took all the money from the safe.

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