List of common idioms, their meanings and examples of their usage in sentences
A group of words which have a different meaning when used together from the one they would have if you took the meaning of each word separately. An idiom is a group of words, or in other words, a phrase that has a meaning other than its literal meaning of the words in it.

  1. (one's) chickens have come home to roost
  2. a foregone conclusion
  3. a kick-off
  4. a nine day/day's wonder
  5. a sight for sore eyes
  6. a tower of strength
  7. afraid of one's own shadow
  8. all of a sudden
  9. answer to (someone)
  10. as usual
  11. at home
  12. at the present time
  13. bag of tricks
  14. be out
  15. beat up (someone) or beat (someone) up
  16. best part of (something)
  17. bite the hand that feeds you
  18. bog down
  19. break fresh/new ground
  20. bring (something) home to (someone) or bring home (something) to (someone) or bring home to (someone) (something)
  21. build up to (something)
  22. butter (someone) up or butter up (someone)
  23. by the hour
  24. call off (something) or call (something) off
  25. cash in on (something)
  26. catch-22
  27. cheek by jowl
  28. clear sailing
  29. cold turkey
  30. come into (some money)
  31. come to believe (something)
  32. conk out
  33. crack a smile
  34. cry over spilt milk
  35. cut out the deadwood
  36. dead on one's feet
  37. dig in one's heels or dig one's heels in
  38. do or die
  39. down in the dumps
  40. dressed to kill
  41. drum up (something) or drum (something) up
  42. eat (something) up or eat up (something)
  43. engage in (something)
  44. eyeball-to-eyeball
  45. fall ill
  46. fast talker
  47. ferret out (something) from (someone) or ferret (information or something) out of (someone)
  48. fire a gun
  49. fix up (something) or fix (something) up
  50. follow orders
  51. for kicks
  52. forever and ever
  53. from scratch
  54. get (someone or something) out of one's mind/head
  55. get a move on
  56. get back
  57. get into (something)
  58. get on (someone) to do (something)
  59. get out of bed on the wrong side or get out on the wrong side of bed
  60. get the lowdown on (someone or something)
  61. get up on the wrong side of the bed
  62. give (someone) a run for their money
  63. give away (a secret) or give (a secret) away
  64. glad hand
  65. go begging
  66. go off (somewhere)
  67. go straight
  68. go up
  69. grain of truth
  70. gut feeling/reaction
  71. hang (someone) in effigy
  72. harken back to (something)
  73. have (something) up one's sleeve
  74. have a head for (something)
  75. have a thing going with (someone)
  76. have eyes bigger than one's stomach
  77. have one for the road
  78. have the courage of one's convictions
  79. head out
  80. hem (someone or something) in or hem in (someone or something)
  81. hit bottom
  82. Hobson's choice
  83. hold one's own (in an argument)
  84. hook, line and sinker
  85. hustle and bustle
  86. in a kind of way
  87. in all one's born days
  88. in contempt of court
  89. in good shape/condition
  90. in luck
  91. in one's salad days
  92. in receipt of (something)
  93. in tatters
  94. in the hole
  95. in the saddle
  96. in unison
  97. jockey for position
  98. just so
  99. keep abreast of (something)
  100. keep one's head
  101. keep up with the Joneses
  102. kiss of death
  103. know (something) inside out
  104. lame duck
  105. lay down the law
  106. lead a dog's life
  107. leave (something) on or leave on (something)
  108. let (someone) know (about something)
  109. let out a rope
  110. like a bolt out of the blue
  111. listen to reason
  112. lock horns with (someone)
  113. look out for (someone)
  114. lose sleep over (someone or something)
  115. maiden voyage
  116. make a day of it
  117. make a silk purse out of a sow's ear
  118. make it
  119. make out (a report/application)
  120. make way for (someone or something)
  121. mend fences with (someone)
  122. monkey around (with someone or something)
  123. muster up the courage
  124. new lease on life
  125. no picnic
  126. not able to go on
  127. not know one's own strength
  128. not worth one's while
  129. odds and ends
  130. off the beam
  131. on a shoestring
  132. on hand
  133. on sale
  134. on the horizon
  135. on the tip of one's tongue
  136. one foot in the grave
  137. open up on (someone or something)
  138. out of gas
  139. out of the hole
  140. over and over
  141. partial to (someone or something)
  142. pay a call on (someone)
  143. perspective on (something)
  144. piggyback
  145. plain and simple
  146. play possum
  147. poised to do (something)
  148. preach to the converted
  149. pull a boner
  150. put (someone or something) out to pasture or put out (someone or something) to pasture
  151. put (something) on paper
  152. put in (somewhere)
  153. put one's thinking cap on or put on one's thinking cap
  154. queer as a three-dollar bill
  155. raise one's sights
  156. read (something) over or read over (something)
  157. reputed to be/do something
  158. right under one's nose
  159. rotten to the core
  160. run (something) into the ground
  161. run into a brick wall
  162. sack out
  163. say the word
  164. second nature to (someone)
  165. see the world through rose-colored glasses
  166. serve (someone) right
  167. set out (somewhere)
  168. shake hands with (someone)
  169. shoot up (someone or something)
  170. shut out (a team)
  171. sit back
  172. skip out on (someone or something)
  173. smack into (someone or something)
  174. so soon
  175. sound as if
  176. spitting image of (someone)
  177. stake a claim to (something)
  178. stars in one's eyes
  179. step out of line
  180. stone-broke
  181. strike a match
  182. such as
  183. sweet and sour
  184. take (someone) for granted
  185. take a course in (something)
  186. take a vacation
  187. take it
  188. take one's leave of (someone)
  189. take the initiative to (do something)
  190. talk (someone) down in price
  191. tear one's hair out
  192. the honeymoon is over
  193. thin-skinned
  194. through the mill
  195. throw oneself at (someone's) feet
  196. tie up (someone) or tie (someone) up
  197. to a T
  198. to the contrary
  199. top (someone or something)
  200. travel light
  201. try one's luck at (something)
  202. turn on one's heel
  203. two bits
  204. under the influence of (someone or something)
  205. up to (a certain amount or number)
  206. use one's head/bean/noodle/noggin
  207. walk all over (an opponent)
  208. watch over (someone or something)
  209. well and good
  210. when one is good and ready
  211. wind things up
  212. with it
  213. work out (something) or work (something) out
  214. year after year