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1.any ameba of the genus Endamoeba

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  • sparer
  • rock concert
  • splanchnic
  • sumac family
  • unharmed
  • rue family
  • speech-endowed
  • sidewall
  • rejoice
  • wriggly
  • give or take
  • beat back
  • daniel hudson burnham
  • family scarabaeidae
  • bountied
  • betsy griscom ross
  • affluent
  • fall open
  • american hop
  • developmental anatomy
  • lupinus albus
  • tiebreaker
  • isocyanate
  • loose woman
  • serous membrane
  • cystoplegia
  • toucan
  • wood poppy
  • inductor
  • sampan

  • Idiom of the Day

    open for business
    a shop or restaurant or business that is open and ready to do business
    The small shop is open for business after a long holiday.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you for your ________ of our performance.

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    Kokabiel is described in the Hebrew Bible as the angel of the stars. According to both Hebrew and Christian traditions Kokabiel was a high ranked angel who loved humans, serenity, and the sky; and was the one who taught the other angels everything about the stars. However, all this changed when he was cast out of heaven and was reclassified as a demon.

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