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    Peanut butter cookie dough balls

    Bam. Just like that, were eating healthy peanut butter cookie dough. Balls. Truffles. Pre cookies that arent actually cookies and wont be baked but rival the addictiveness of real cookie dough. Whatev. Ive made these little guys before, but they were just cookies. When I just put the link in there I realized I called them peanut butter cookie dough bites last time. Thats cute.

    However, one major difference this time is that instead of golden raisins, my safe and familiar friends, I went for it with the exotic dates. See them up there? I couldnt do a close up of those puppies. Theyre not pretty. But I got over their wrinkly smushy looks quickly when I realized that they work like a charm for making vegan, gluten free, grain free, and refined sugar free COOKIES.

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