1. Take a good look at the receipt when you leave so that you can see that all the ________ have been listed.

2. They have a ________ restriction in the shop with regard to the number of items of clothing that you can try on at one time.

3. The future of his job was at ________ when he made the decision to invest in new machinery.

4. This machine is obviously useless and if I were you I'd get your money ________ .

5. In order to survive in this business you must adopt a ________ stance.

6. The ________ books for manufacturers of small cars are now full following the rise in petrol.

7. The larger company did not really want to join with the smaller one because it was more interested in a ________ .

8. I can strongly recommend this ________ as the best available on the market today.

9. The ________ trend in children's desire to wear designer label clothes should be exploited.

10. We got there early so that we could get the best ________ in the sale before anyone else.

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    Meet the Crafters

    No matter the project or the venue, the objective is always the same to bring together a group of people to create, share, try something new, and have fun. Its about making friends while taking pleasure in the process, even if what you make is imperfect, says Madden, who by day develops TV shows for Comedy Central. For this gathering, she and her cohost, rare books librarian and accomplished seamstress Jessica Pigza, assembled a group of like minded DIY ers in a soaring, oak paneled room of the library to make valentines once again.

    Clockwise from left Anna Beckman, a professional illustrator who specializes in lettering and calligraphy; Rebecca Kutys, a stationery designer; Jessi Klein, a comedian and part time animal doodler; graphic designer Cassidy Iwersen; Maura Madden; Jill Lauck, a college counselor who dedicates her spare time to making cards under the name Cherry Blossom Paper; Danielle Maveal, jewelry designer and Etsy educational coordinator; and Jennifer Nicholson, a State Department calligrapher.

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