1. Losing his entire business to the flood, Billís only ________ was to file bankruptcy.

2. Dogs growl and show their teeth in an attempt to ________ the animal or person they perceive as a threat.

3. I will write a rough draft of the proposal, and then you can edit it for any ________ material so that it is as convincing and concise as possible.

4. Giulia soon discovered the source of the ________ smell in the room: a week-old tuna sandwich that one of the children had hidden in the closet.

5. In biology class, Sabine observed the slugís ________, its barely discernible movement in the tank.

6. The chemistry professor believed her students could do better on their exams by searching for their own answers, and encouraged the class to apply the ________ method to prepare.

7. Kyle was able to ________ the difficulties of an uncooperative staff, an impossible deadline, and a complicated project in order to present the report to the client.

8. The defendant waited anxiously for the jury to ________ the decision that would seal his fate.

9. Daniela found the unchanging rhythm of the musical piece to be annoyingly ________.

10. The ________ espionage plot was so sophisticated it was impossible to believe it was the work of teenage computer hackers.

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