1. The ________ old cowboy had a complexion that spoke of many years in the desert sun, rounding up wild horses.

2. Although it was supposed to be written for the general public, the report was so ________ that only those with inside knowledge of government workings could understand it.

3. She realized mortgage rates had declined and decided it was ________ to continue paying rent when she could now afford a monthly payment for her own home.

4. The toy store’s extensive inventory offered a ________ of toys from baby items to video games for teenagers.

5. Henley’s ________ remarks about my presentation did not bother me because I knew I’d done a good job.

6. The captain ________ the cargo to keep his ship afloat.

7. The dissatisfied workers spread their ________ attitudes among themselves until there was a danger of a full-scale rebellion against the owners of the factory.

8. The curious crowd gathered to watch the irate customer ________ about the poor service he received in the restaurant.

9. After the powerful windstorm, Marie discovered a splintered and fallen tree limb had ________ the vinyl lining of her swimming pool.

10. The ________ seventh-grader towered over the other players on his basketball team.

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