1. Harris tried to ________ his fear of flying when he boarded the plane, but he could not curb his anxiety.

2. Amanda’s parents were shocked by her ________ decision to quit her job without notice and move to Hollywood.

3. Oscar ________ his sister not to tell their mother what he had done, for he knew his punishment would be severe.

4. With her ________ eyesight, Krystyna spotted a trio of deer on the hillside and she reduced the speed of her car.

5. When people are in love, they may find their beloved’s ________— often annoying to or disparaged by others—to be charming and endearing.

6. Ms. Lu allowed her son a great deal of ________ in spending his birthday money, because she believed it should be his decision.

7. After weeks of heavy rains, the earth gave way; mud and trees ________ down the mountain swallowing cars and houses in their path.

8. To ensure that Brenda wouldn’t know where we were going for her birthday, I took the most ________ route I could think of.

9. Whenever Tom and I would argue he would ________ with his hands and body to accentuate his point.

10. We found that the gallons of water we had brought on our hike were ________, and we had to carry the extra bottles home.

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