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    Head shots

    If a live ball directly strikes a player in the head, the ball is immediately dead and neither they nor the thrower are out. Headshots are defined as any direct throw that strikes a player above the shoulder line.This includes the neck, hair down to the top of the shoulder and any headwear. If a players hair is struck but the hair is below the shoulder line it is not considered a headshot.If a player is struck in the head, they can step off the court in order to regain composure. Regardless of their position on or off court, players are assumed to have a safe period of up to 10 seconds where they cannot be eliminated. If a player resumes dodgeball activities then they are immediately returned to play and can be eliminated.A throw is not considered a headshot the hit was not direct, ie. A ricocheted ball hits a player in the head.Intentionally throwing at peoples heads and faces goes against what a majority of people in a dodgeball league consider fun. Referees should keep this in mind and can warn or card repeated violators.

    All players have the right to protect their faces. If a player is clearly attempting to protect their headface with their hands

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