1. Don't eat ________ it

2. Dog days are very cold winter days.

3. Don't tell him; he'll ________ on as he can't keep anything secret

4. Dog and bone means stone.

5. DID she finish it?

6. Do you like it?

7. Do you mind if I take ________ home now?

8. Dog

9. Did you ________ the matter up at the meeting?

10. Does it need ________ straightaway?

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  • Benefits of Turnips

    Benefits of turnip greens

    The turnip flesh or root is considered as the edible portion while the turnip greens are usually thrown into garbage. The turnip greens (in a single cup serving) have only twenty eight calories but are loaded with minerals and vitamins. Turnip greens are usually available with the roots attached. Certain varieties of turnips such as Seven Top and Shogoin are specifically grown for the leaves. Crisp, deep green and unblemished turnip greens are an ideal selection. Turnip greens remain fresh for four days when refrigerated. Turnip greens need to be washed an d cleaned well before using them. Turnip leaves are cooked just like spinach leaves. Turnip greens are an excellent source of a wide variety of vitamins, fiber, manganese, calcium, copper and folate. Turnips nutritional profile also includes phosphorus, omega3 fatty acids and protein. Turnip greens provide health benefits such as detoxification support, antioxidant benefits, anti inflammatory benefits, cardiovascular support and digestive support. The antioxidants in turnip greens are known to lowers risks related to heart disorders. Turnip greens can be easily boiled or steamed. It also makes for an ideal side dish. Turnip greens can also be added to any vegetable, rice dish or casserole. Turnip greens not only add color to food but also provide immense nutritional benefits.

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