1. I would have handled things differently if I'd been in charge.

2. Venison is the meat from a ________

3. That's a ________ tree.

4. If something takes donkey's years, it won't take very long.

5. If you take the bull by the horns, you deal with a problem directly.

6. The building ________ is huge.

7. Someone who is as cool as a cucumber doesn't get upset or worried.

8. I'll tell her if she comes.

9. The eagle is a bird of ________

10. If something has gone down the pan, it has failed.

English Test

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    The stick also referred to as a bat or pusher is relatively short according to recent rules, not more than 350mm including the handle and is coloured white or black to indicate the players team. The stick may only be held in one hand, which is usually determined by the players handedness, although players may swap hands during play. The shape of the stick may affect playing style and is often a very personal choice. A wide variety of stick designs are allowed within the constraints of the rules of the game, the principal rules being that the stick must fit into a box of 100x50x350mm and that the stick must not be capable of surrounding the puck or any part of the hand. A rule concerning the minimum radius of edges tries to address the risk that the stick might become more of a weapon than a playing tool! Sticks may be made of wood or plastics; rules that previously required sticks to be homogeneous have been superseded, although they usually are. Many players of UWH manufacture their own sticks to their preferred shape and style, although there are increasingly more mass produced designs to suit the majority such as Bentfish, Britbat, CanAm, Dorsal, Stingray etc..

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